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Team Cohesion through Administrate

Integrate all your data seamlessly – collaborate more effectively

Effective company wide collaboration is vital to the success of every event or training course you run. Communication is a fundamental element that every training company needs to get right, which is why Administrate offers you a number of ways of sharing information across your organisation.

Administrate’s knowledge base and discussion forum are powerful tools that allow instant interaction with every member of staff, across any geography. Any last minute notification or critical modifications can be quickly and easily communicated, enabling changes to be implemented rapidly and effectively.

Automated reports help you stay in control, and shared tasks and the ability to monitor event planning progress enables every member of the organisation to keep up to date with their responsibilities – leaving no stone unturned.

Key Benefits

  • Share information across your organisation with the Administrate Knowledge Base and Discussion Forum.
  • Stay up to date with automated reports from various parts of your business.
  • Store documents, share tasks and monitor event planning progress.
  • Send out staff notifications when critical modifications are made to your events such as date, venue and instructor changes, etc.